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Come and see our huge selection of containers on site! If you can’t get away, we’ll send pictures to you.
You don’t have to buy sight unseen or first off the container stack.

20′ Containers

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40′ Containers

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Specialty Containers

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1. Select Container Size and Condition

Whether for on-site storage, modification or shipping, no matter your application, we have the grade container you are looking for. In addition to the standard container sizes, 20’ and 40’ long, we also provide some smaller custom-built options.

2. Pick Your Container

All containers are thoroughly inspected, and when necessary, repaired, to ensure there are no holes, doors are functional and the floor is in good order. All used shipping containers have dings, dents and rust. For customers sensitive to cosmetic rust, we recommend an exterior repaint or a new one trip container.

3. Accessories & Modifications

We offer a variety of customization options including, but not limited to: windows, personnel and roll up doors, efficient shelving, electrical outlets, lighting, insulation, interior lining, vents, AC and heating for humidity control and lock boxes for extra security.

4. Delivered -or- Loaded to Your Truck

Our full-size tractor and trailer can deliver two 20’ or one 40’ container each trip. A smaller wrecker type flatbed truck is available for sites with limited space for maneuvering. Learn here about our delivery process. If you prefer to coordinate your own delivery, we can fork lift load directly to your truck at no charge.
For terms of sale and accepted forms of payment click here.
Note: We are not responsible for damage to contents occurring after a purchase.
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Available in 20’, 40’, and 40’High Cube as well as other specialty sizes
Excellent for general storage, shipping or modification these are new containers manufactured and transported from China with cargo to offset shipping cost. Delivered to our yard these containers look and smell new.
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Available in 20’, 40’, and 40’ High Cube
Our most popular request for general storage and modification. These containers are inspected and repaired to ensure suitability. We pay particular attention to the roof, door function and floor condition. All units are spot painted as deemed appropriate and all decals are painted out.
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Available in 20’, 40’, and 40’High Cube
For the buyer that does not want to pay for new but maybe wants a more cosmetically appealing appearance in a preferred color. This is a Good Grade Used container that has had all exterior metal cleaned, prepared and painted with a marine grade maintenance coating. Our stock colors are beige, brown, gray, green and blue.
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Available in 20’, 40’, and 40’High Cube
These containers have been inspected to ensure structurally sound condition with a valid Container Safety Convention (CSC) certification. These containers are not usually spot painted and decals, necessary for international shipping, are not painted out.
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Subject to availability; 20’, 40’, & 40’ High Cube
Not good enough to be in Good Grade Used status. Could be with major damage and/or corrosion issues.
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Prompt delivery and pick-up with our specialized tilt bed truck trailers. Trucks are big and heavy so learn more about delivery and pick-up here.


Open Monday thru Friday, we invite you to visit our facility to ensure the container you select meets your requirements.

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Need Help Deciding?

If you have an idea for a specialized need that goes beyond storage applications, contact us to learn more about custom container modifications such as windows, doors, shelving, lighting, insulation and humidity control.